Real Peace of Mind



This site is our attempt to give you a peek at who we are and what we enjoy being good at. The words below represent my personal testimony, which I am delighted to share.

Raised by loving, committed parents as the oldest of 8 children, here in Baltimore, I followed my Dad’s footprints and worked with my hands. The burglary of my home in 1975 changed my vocational direction from carpenter to alarm technician, to salesman, to president.

As a result of working hard to provide our customers with “Real Peace of Mind” I developed many lasting relationships. In 1980 my brother Mike invited me to a lunch meeting at the Engineers Club in Baltimore where I heard a message that invited me into a personal relationship with God. (opened my eyes to begin to develop the most significant relationship in my life, the one I have with God.)

As a result I began meeting with a man who helped open my eyes to what “Real Peace of Mind” actually meant. Since then I have been on a mission to study and apply Biblical principles to my life and business. The result is the privilege of leading this group of incredibly committed people in serving our customers by honoring God in all we do. When you get to know these people you’ll agree; I am a very blessed man.

If you have questions or are interested in investigating what I am convinced is the true meaning of “Real Peace of Mind”, feel free to call or email me.

-John W. Chetelat, President