Protecting & Enhancing Your World

You work hard to create a haven for yourself and your family. To navigate through today’s and tomorrows sophisticated technologies, we offer a team that is constantly searching, learning, and developing proven solutions.

For over 40 years we have striven to honor God by keeping our promises and seeking the welfare of our customers. Passion for great service is in the DNA of our entire organization. From the beginning, we partner with you to create a custom-designed plan that provides you a feeling of well being and peace-of-mind about your home and/or business.

The art of bringing electronic solutions together, to benefit our customers’ is what Integration means to us. The sophistication required to attain this discipline has grown over the years and we are constantly growing with it. Integration and automation is an exciting ever changing world where we get to practice our creativity and innovation.

This process begins with our ability to connect with our clients in a personal way while partnering with them in this process. We listen for the experience they envision and strive to create that experience.

Action’s commitment to relationship will ensure your satisfaction. We invite you to sit down with us and explore the integration needs of your home or business. Allow us to serve you as the facilitators of cutting-edge technologies.

Our Promises


To always tell the truth.


To provide great value, exceptional service, and remain accessible.


To prove that mutual relationships are always more important than financial gain.


In a world of uncertainty and increasing danger we work to protect your “world” and well-being. This process begins by learning your needs. You understand your home, your business, and your concerns. Our goal is to listen carefully, pinpoint your vulnerabilities, then tailor our response to your security concerns. We partner with you to create a custom-designed plan within your budget that provides you with a feeling of well-being and peace of mind.

We provide caring, competent people, state of the art technology and services, including a series of redundant UL Certified Central Stations, 24/7 live phone response and technical support to address your security needs. Our focus never changes; we desire to provide “Real Peace of Mind.”

Peace of Mind can be planned. Whether you want the security of a reliable burglar alarm, fire alarm, medic alert system, our solutions are proven, and our team reliable and dependable.

Since many fires start with smoldering, wouldn’t it be great to be notified by text, email, and a call from our trained operators the instant smoke is detected and know the authorities are being simultaneously dispatched? We provide the same real-time notifications when moisture, gas, or carbon monoxide is detected in an effort to help you get there before it becomes catastrophic. We can even help you plan to have your water shut off when a leak is detected.

Would you like to be texted or emailed when a vehicle enters your driveway, or a person is detected prowling outside your home, allowing you to tap an app on your phone to view who it is from your cameras? These are some of the benefits of reliable integration.


“For years now we have trusted Action to protect many of our homes. The service has been exceptional and the workmanship is second to none. I will continue to use Action in all of my new projects and refer them to my family and anyone else who is looking for a quality security company.”

Gary Cesta: Harbor Realty Principal

Monitored Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems

CCTV Systems

Medical Alert Systems

Access Control

Video Intercom


Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems

Structural Wiring


Integrating different technologies is where we get to practice our creativity and innovation in the world of communication. This process begins with our ability to connect with our clients in a personal way while partnering with them in this process. We listen for the experience they envision and strive to create that experience.

Electronic communication for home or business begins with understanding and mastering available technologies and matching them to the customer’s needs and budgets. Video and audio intercom systems with or without cell technology and/or video surveillance, telecommunications and other technologies can be integrated to meet your specific needs.

“My wife and I want to thank you for the exceptional service you and your crew extended to us.  The system was installed on time, and the work looks great!  Please thank your crew for helping us with our communications system.  These are the things that people don’t forget.  Your company will be highly recommended to our family and friends.  Thanks again, for a job well done.”

George Deluca


When it comes to entertainment technology design our goal is to “make you smile”. Whether we are re-purposing your existing entertainment system or helping you think through the possibilities of what “could be”, we seek to create meaningful environments.

We offer state of the art, custom-designed entertainment systems with the help of engineers, whether who house audio, surround sound systems, or fully integrated home theaters, we strive to reach a level of enhancement that is symbolized with a smile.

For our team, this all comes together in the core idea of our company; providing integrated electronic solutions in an environment where we prove people really matter and where protecting and enhancing their world is our passion.

“Our experience with the company overall and the staff specifically was truly the very best. John promised, “I’m going to make you smile every time you turn this on” – and we do.”

Mellisa Greenhouse

Home Theater

Whole-house Audio

Distributed audio

Surround Sound Systems